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Torstai, huhtikuu 13, 2017 - 11:00

Join OEE’s discussion on using social media in education

On 24 April 2017 Open Education Europa is inviting you to join an online discussion on using social media in education. The live chat session is organised as part of OEE’s April focus on social media in education and will be moderated by Johanni Larjanko, Editor-in-Chief for the international...

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OER in Adult Learning

Good day to all. I am currently working on a research project about OER use and utilization in Adult Learning (in general). My question is: "which are the main factor(s) that...
1 week 3 days sitten

La sugestopedia como método transversal en la educación

Me gustaría saber más sobre este método y su implantación en algún centro educativo de Europa. La enseñanza sugestopédica no tiene nada que ver con lo que tradicionalmente entendemos...
Beatriz Gallást...
1 week 3 days sitten

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