Intercultural Communication Resource Pack

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This Resource Pack is meant to be a practical toolkit for youth work in the context of intercultural communication. It contains a set of tools and methods for youth activities, some personal insights of other youth workers involved in intercultural communication projects as well as theoretical inputs and references for further work in this area.

The Resource Pack is meant to be something of a recipe book with examples of youth work tools that are both filled with content and flexible to adapt to particular needs of its users.

The Resource Pack is divided into three main chapters:

  • - Intercultural Communication and Me – looking into communication styles and habits, as well as communication channels used by individuals, linked to identity issues and introspection/self-reflection;
  • - Intercultural Communication in Groups – looking at group dynamics and ways in  which groups communicate, using youth groups as an example;
  • - Intercultural Communication and the Society – analysis of social processes behind  intercultural communication, theories and tools available for youth workers to look at the “bigger picture”
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 23 April 2014
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Mara Árvai and Lorenzo Nava.
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