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astroEDU makes the best astronomy activities accessible to educators around the world. It is an open-access platform for peer-reviewed astronomy education activities. astroEDU is a platform for educators to discover, review, distribute, improve, and remix educational astronomy activities.
Why peer reviewed educational activities? astroEDU assigns two reviewers; an astronomer and an educator to review the activity. This process increases the quality of the scientific content, educational implementation and credibility of the activities.
What does astroEDU expect to achieve? astroEDU tries to solve some past issues with educational activities in astronomy: Many of the educational activities are difficult to find, difficult to use. The number of existing activities is large, but their quality is often difficult to judge. Through peer-review astroEDU is improving standards of quality, visibility and providing credibility to astronomy educational activities.
What incentive is there for the activitiy creators? The same way that peer-reviewed scholarly articles are the base for performance evaluation of scholars, astroEDU will provide a new metric to assess the quality of the work developed by educators. The activities will also be given higher visibility with much wider distribution through the partner networks and the official seal of the IAU.
Who is behind astroEDU? astroEDU is a project of the International Astronomical Union under the framework of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Development.
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 24 February 2014
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