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Startup Europe - MOOCs for web talent network

Find here all you need to know about MOOCs for web talent. Part of Startup Europe and supported by DG CONNECT.


Este MOOC se dirige a profesores y es extensible también a personas que tengan interés por conocer el funcionamiento del programa Scratch y de su integración con las placas Arduino, para diseñar...

Modéliser un problème, concevoir un algorithme de résolution et en proposer une implémentation correcte. Du problème à sa solution, ce cours combine approches pragmatique, pratique et théorique de...

En un mundo virtual en el que hay cientos de millones de páginas disponibles con informacion de todo tipo,...



08 July 2014

The recorded sessions of the Business track and the Experience track of the European MOOCs Stakeholder Summit 2014 are now available on YouTube....

26 June 2014

Google has awarded a research grant to Carnegie Mellon University to study the...

Startup Europe - MOOCs for web talent network


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Event date : 14 August 2014 - 17 August 2014
ICWL is an annual international conference on web-based learning organised by Hong Kong Web Society. ICWL 2014 will be the 13th ICWL conference...
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Event date : 01 July 2014
One of the most pressing questions for the future of MOOCs (according to our recent study), is the matter of certification and accreditation....


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When Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence MOOC made headline news in 2011, one of the early predictions was that quality education at mass scale and at...
The practice of discrete optimization involves modeling and solving complex problems which have never been encountered before and for which no...

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25 February 2013
MobiCloud is a collaborative platform for developing, deploying and managing mobile cloud applications for business-critical scenarios such as public transport, field service or construction. Its initial demonstration scenarios focus on industries...
03 February 2014
According to the EC, by 2015 there could be around 900,000 unfilled job positions in the ICT sector in Europe. Building ICT and web skills in the European workforce would help to counter unemployment, keep Europe competitive in an important growth...
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