European MOOCs Scoreboard

Last updated 03/09/2014


The aim of this scoreboard is to highlight the huge potential that European institutions have in the world of MOOCs and to help visualize this potential by compiling the existing European-provided MOOCs available on different open websites. 


European MOOCs are those provided by European institutions, regardless of the platform that hosts them. All of the MOOCs accounted for in the scoreboard are also listed in the MOOC aggregator on this website. 


The world of MOOCs is dynamic and growing, and Open Education Europa aims to be the leading online resource for open education innovation. Anyone with additional sources or updates is welcome to contribute to the MOOC scoreboard by contacting us


Distribution of European MOOCs per country

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Sources of information

The MOOCs included in these infographics were listed on the websites cited below.  The courses had varying statuses: some were starting soon, some were ongoing, and others were listed as finished, but had made their resources available for self-study. While most of the information concerns MOOCs from European institutions, additional research on non-EU MOOCs was conducted so as to provide a reliable basis for comparison. To find out more about how we prepare the scoreboard, read our blog post Understanding the MOOC Scoreboard: Methodology and Misconceptions


European Sources

European Education Institutions at the Open Education Europa portal, Alison, First Business MOOC, FUN, FutureLearn, Iversity, Miriada X, Open Classrooms, Open Course World, openHPI, openSAP, Unow, UnX, Océan


Other Sources

Coursera, EDX, Canvas, Connected Courses, CnMOOCCourseSites, Edraak, Novoed, Standford University, P2PU, Open learning, Open2Study, Education MongoDB, JanuxJMOOC, High Tech High, Complexity Explorer, Rwaq, OER University, OOEd, Google, Kaikeba, REL2014, Udemy