Teachers’ creativity throughout professional life A model based on oer cycle

27 January 2014
Teachers’ creativity throughout professional life A model based on oer cycle
The new conceptions of teachers’ professional development (TPD) are based on personalized professional learning activities to be implemented in different moments of professional life cycle, in response to contextualized learning needs. As a result, it is expected that TPD yields creative processes that end up in transforming pedagogical practices through reflection and self-awareness on the new professional skills.
However, creating and controlling TPD environments for teachers’ creativity is still a matter of discussion, since such environments are to be connected to the professional life-cycle, and this requires very fluid learning experiences. In this paper, the use of Open Educational Resources as dimension of teachers’ professional development environments, within and beyond the school is explored, attempting to understand if the participation to OER-cycle (as the cycle of using, remixing, creating and sharing OERs) can effectively contribute to creative practices linked to professional learning.
Connected to this perspective, an example of practice (the Italian case CREAti by CISRE-University of Venice) is introduced. Within this case, TPD based on OER-cycle engagement can be connected effectively to differential elements of professional
development along life-cycle because it gives focus, motivation and specific designing lines to promote situated creative and reflective teachers’ practices.

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 27 January 2014
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