How the Open Education Challenge is using Open Badges

How the Open Education Challenge is using Open Badges

In the spirit of embracing new technologies that support open learning and informal education, the Open Education Challenge is offering a series of Open Badges to its participants!


The first one, which is already unlocked, is the Candidates' badge. It is a Mozilla Open Badge which belongs to eligible applicants of the Challenge and certifies their status as a candidate. Open Badges are a form of digital certification that any organisation can create and issue to certify a specific skill or achievement. Badges can be displayed it on a website or social networking sites, for example. When someone earns a new badge, they add it to their Mozilla Backpack along with badges from other sources to show their full skill set. The OEC will continue to issue badges to certify further achievements in the Challenge.


There will be four badges in total, representing different levels of achievement in the challenge:


candidate badge

OEC Candidate

  • - Submitted a proposal to the Open Education Challenge for a business idea in the education sector
  • - Proposal is eligible for the competition, including a 30-second video created by the applicant

semifinalist badge

OEC Semi-finalist

  • - Scored over 70 points in the first round of evaluation
  • - Responded to the additional questionnaire and specific questions from the OEC mentors
  • - Submitted any additional materials requested from the evaluation team


OEC Finalist

  • Selected as one of the 20 finalists
  • Participated in the finalists' workshop in Barcelona and competed in the pitch competition in front of the OEC Jury
alumni badge

OEC Alumni

  • - Selected as one of the 10 winners to participate in the European Incubator for Innovation in Education
  • - Completed the 12 weeks of incubation, including in-person coaching sessions in Paris, London, Berlin, and Helsinki
  • - Presented a project at the Investors' Day at the end of the incubation period


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